DIY : Natural Flea Repellent Recipe

 Making your pet a safe natural flea repellent recipe

Written by Cynthia Solis
Video by Theresa Peterson 

At Animal Me.Com, we tested several natural flea repellent recipes ranging from lemon juice and water, to rosemary and various oils.  The least effective recipe was the lemon juice recipe, while natural flea repellent recipes containing apple cider vinegar came in a close second for both cats and dogs.

In the video, famous “Do it yourself-er” Theresa Peterson shows us how to make an effective non toxic, household safe and natural flea repellent for DOGS (as approved by a Vet).  We rank this recipe as the #1 natural flea repellent recipe  “DIY” due to the easy application, effectiveness of repelling and killing fleas, the antiseptic properties, and great smell.

Shopping list: Tea tree oil, lavender oil, spray bottle, water (available online at Amazon or at your local health vitamin or food center).


Natural flea repellent recipe for CATS and DOGS

Video -By Brett Rodgers, Holistic Healing Guru

“I’m Brett Rodgers, massage therapist and holistic healing guru (teacher). I hope you learn something from me and keep it with you forever… and I mean even beyond this world! I’ll keep making great videos if you’ll keep watching them! :)


Brett Rodgers’ recipe for a natural flea repellent comes in second (due to a bit higher cost) —  he recently updated an older DIY natural flea repellent recipe.  This recipe guards both your cats and dogs against fleas.  Watch this informative video describing the negative effects of products such as Frontline. Instead, enjoy this low cost  DIY recipe for pet flea control.

Shopping list: Cedar oil, lemongrass, citronella oil, cotton balls to dab (available online at Amazon or at your local health vitamin or food center).

“Use a NATURAL flea & tick repellent on your dogs or cats. Don’t use toxic poisons like Frontline or Advantix to kill fleas or ticks! A good natural flea remedy for dogs is cedarwood oil. A good natural tick repellent for dogs is orange oil. Bugs hate these natural, essential oil remedies! You can buy herbs (essential oils) like cedarwood oil, lemongrass, citronella, or orange essential oils at the health food store. Always choose NATURAL herbs as a bug repellent over chemicals for yourself & pet.”

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